Jamming dictaphones and DVRs on mobile phones:

Audio jammer vs HTC ONE M8 (3m)

Audio Jammer vs dictaphone Olympus WS 750M (3m)

Audio Jammer Infratornado vs Sony Xperia Z3 (3m)

Audio jammer INFRATORNADO vs Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920F (3 m)

Jammer Infratornado (vip) vs recorder velleman–real test 2m

Audio Jammer vip vs radio eavesdropping–real test 2-3m

Audio Jammer INFRATORNADO vip vs pendrive AV–real test 3 m

Audio Jammer vs pendrive AV only sound recorded with pendrive–real test 3 m

Audio Jammer INFRATORNADO (vip) vs Iphone 6 Plus–real test 3 m

Audio Jammer (vip) vs Iphone ARI2-real test 2 m

Jammer Audio (vip) vs LGE460–real test 3 m

Audio Jammer (vip) vs Iphone 5–real test 3 m

Audio Jammer (vip) vs Htc ONE X–real test 2 m

Infratornado (vip) vs Sony Xperia M2–real test 1 m

Jammer audio (vip) vs Samsung Galaxy S3–real test 1 m

INFRATORNADO (vip) vs Samsung Galaxy S2–real test 1 m

Audio jammer (vip) vs Samsung Galaxy S5-real test 1 m

Infratornado (VIP) can suppress more than 95% of the different listening devices at distances up to 3 meters, such as:
-cassette recorders
-analog recorders with built-in microphone or a microphone on cable
-digital audio recorders that can be found on the market.
-professional types digital voice recorders: EDIC-mini, Gnome, Olympus, Gnome DR, Papyrus ..
-smartphones, including iPhones, HTC, Sony, LG, SAMSUNG, iPad …
-wireless microphones, microphones, audio and video recorders
-microphones wireless cameras, microphones bugging
– Jammer Infratornado (VIP) also prevents leakage of information through wiretaps analog, digital and seismic. The product is camouflaged in a briefcase and has the ability to stationary and mobile.


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