The address is:
Volckova Slavikova Vyt.Atel.
Vodarenska 11
080 01 Presov
Slovakia, SR, EU

Director Tel.:0903 040 562
Speak English: +421 908 822 328

ICO: 46443983
DIC: SK1045924506
EORI SK1045924506

Name Bank: Volckova Slavikova Vyt.Atel.
IBAN: SK7483300000002200689171

Beneficiary's Bank: FIO BANKA, A.S., POBOCKA
The name and address of the beneficiary's bank: Kollarovo nam. 15,
Bratislava, Slovakia

Local government authorities, private security services or other natural or legal person shall not use information and technical means.
Information and technical means as well as data obtained by these means may be used only if it is in a democratic society to ensure national security, national defense, preventing and detecting crime or to protect the rights and freedoms of others.

Use of information and technical means can be a fundamental right or freedom limited only to the extent necessary and for no longer than is necessary to achieve the legally recognized purpose for which it is given.

Information - technical means can be used only with the prior written consent of the lawful judge only for the necessary time period not exceeding six months.
The period begins on the date of the approval. If it is necessary to use at the same time or following several kinds of information - the technical means, each of which may be used only to the extent specifically consent. Where the information and technical means used in places that are not publicly available, lawful judge a decision as to whether the agreement also covers entry to these places.

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